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Simple. Effective. Fast.

Unlike similar services, our app is so simple yet effective, It can start being used immediately! No confusing floor maps and configurations. The user experience is very well-flowed and simple.

Decrease Effort. Increase Efficiency.

From small diners to upscale restaurants, you can now have your own guestlist paging system for a fraction of the cost! Our simple yet state-of-the-art app is compatible with any device that can run a web browser. Everything is operated entirely on SMS, so guests can be anywhere and still be aware that their table is ready!

Lower your operating cost.

Eliminate the need for costly paging equipment. As long as you have an internet connection and a web browser, you can operate like the big guys, for a fraction of the cost! Plus, guests will appreciate the convienience of receiving a text rather than lugging around a big dirty pager.


Virtual Host

Your Virtual Host allows you configure replies to keywords. The possibilities are endless.

Quick Pages

Paging guests is quick and done on the fly, whether their table is ready, or more time is needed.

Super Compatible

Can be used from any device with a web browser, iPads and tablets, even a normal computer.

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